Preston, Irish Country Dance Classes

Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 19:45 - 22:00
by Danny Hathaway

Irishize your smile! ~ Irish Country Dance, all forms, low impact, highly social, with the focus on the latter as being more important than any step or figure ~ 2-hand/couple dances, 3-hand, 4-hand, and up; longways/contras; 3-facing-3; 4-facing-4; quadrilles/squares, occasionally a bit of sean nos stepping, etc..  Every 1st Tuesday of the month we have our ceili(dh), intended to be more dancing and less teaching. Annually we also have around four of our Jacob's Joins, which can be themed by related traditions ~ Scottish Music & Country Dance the week of Burns Night; and our annual "American Potluck & Dance"  the week of Canada Day & the 4th of July.  We take breaks for Christmas, Easter, and the month of August.  Your first visit free, thereafter £4 / £2 for full-time students. Teacher, organizer: Danny Hathaway - 01772-866193 -

Irishize your smile, put a little blarney in your step, the fun/craic in it is more important to us than getting things absolutely perfect or meeting some intense notion of 'right'. Two left feet are just as welcome as two right feet. While it's aerobic we teach it as low impact. The spirit and humour you bring with you to the dance has a high value to us. Give it a go, your first visit is free. Failte!/Welcome!

Location: St Anthony’s Social Centre, Preston
Address: St Anthony’s Social Centre, Cadley Causeway, Fulwood, Preston,  PR2 3SQ
Contact: Danny Hathaway - 01772 866193