London, FCSH Workshop: Colin Hume, Louise Siddons, Peter Jenkins

Sunday, 08 July 2018, 14:00 - 17:30
by Judith De Witt


This is the first in our new series showcasing the talent, dynamism and perspective of younger callers in tandem with the expertise and approach of established international callers.

On this occasion, choreographer and dance master Colin Hume will have Louise Siddons as partner.

Louise has taught English social dance in Michigan, Texas, Massachusetts and Oklahoma; completed Joanna Reiner's callers' course at Pinewoods. In the UK, she is calling at Camden and Ealing FDCs and at Eastbourne International Folk Festival.

Louise is deeply committed to traditional social dance and the development of the dance community. CDSS recognised her achievements by awarding her the Judson/Foster Fund Award in 2016. She serves on the board of the Scissortail Traditional Dance Society (as president and webmistress) and is a co-opted member of the Friends of Cecil Sharp House Committee.

Peter Jenkins (accordion) will provide the music. Peter is a solo accordionist and leads the band, Kafoozalum.

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Location: Acland Burghley School, London NW5
Address: Acland Burghley School, 93 Burghley Road, London,  NW5 1UJ
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