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Birmingham, Brummie Contra: Rhodri Davies, Buddy System

Sunday, 11 March 2018, 14:00 - 17:15
by André

Skilled and slick calling of Rhodri Davies - with the superb Buddy System from USA. Sample on line, a very recent youtube contra dance video -


Julie plays there with another buddy, Noah. Her awesome buddy here is Audrey of Audacious (at Halsway and Alcester Contra in November.)

On the door: £11.50 (extra £1 for American players) (Students: £6.50). Expect lively dancing. Room layout does allow you to comfortably sit out occasional dances.

Ask at the door, ASK to save £2 for your FIRST attendance. Bring a new friend along to a dance: you EACH save £2.

You may also - up to 2 days in advance - email an "I will be there" (details on the website) to save £1.50. At a previous dance, you can always join the "I will be there" list for the same saving.


Main venue conveniently near M42 J5. Spacious hall: Large, free, enclosed car park. Travellers are welcomed from 1.30pm with inclusive hot drink & biscuits.

The next Brummie Contra is our 4th Anniversary Dance. It's at B30 1JT (Quaker Hall Bournville) on FRIDAY EVENING 30th March.

The following Brummie Contra at B91 2SF (Elmdon Heath) on 8th April is extended to include two different mini concerts with songs from "Maivish" -  That's Jaige & Adam from Canada. Usual zippy dances, with the unique and superb calling of Geoff Cubitt.

At Great Alne Memorial Hall (B49 6HL) on FRIDAY EVENING 27th April, is a contra featuring more of Jaige & Adam's bright playing. click HERE for Friday details at Great Alne  Enjoy their music more during all of Great Alne Long Weekend.

The final Spring Brummie Contra at B91 2SF (Elmdon Heath) is the Midsummer Contra on 24th June. Expect some or all of Warwick University Folk Soc Contra Dance Band.

Location: Elmdon Heath Community Centre, Solihull
Address: Elmdon Heath Community Centre, Cornyx Lane, Solihull,  B91 2SF
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Turn off Cornyx Lane into Glebe Rd: immediately left into service road. Drive to right of Hall: Parking behind.
See the website for maps/routes and details for car/rail/bus/cycle travel.
View information there, or download/print onto an A4 sheet & carry a streetmap & Sunday bus times etc with you. A new bus route - the X12 now stops at the Hall door every 30 mins on Sundays.