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Name Summary Category
Frances Richardson England, based in Midlands Callers
U3A, Ryde Isle of Wight Folk dance clubs
St Andrews Folk Dancers, Enfield Enfield Folk dance clubs
The Village Hop Band Yorkshire Bands and musicians
The Maerlocks Lancashire Bands and musicians
Red Herrings Norfolk Bands and musicians
St Agnes Folk dance clubs
Black Cat Band Merseyside, Cheshire and surrounding areas Bands and musicians
White Horse Ceilidhs Oxfordshire Folk dance clubs
Barley Leaf Folk Dance Club Romford Folk dance clubs
Peterborough Folk Dance Club (Soke Folk) Marholm, Peterborough Folk dance clubs
Gordon the Hedgehog Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Chesham FDC Chesham Folk dance clubs
Caroline Bunting Midlands Bands and musicians
Rushden Folk Dance Club Rushden, Northants Folk dance clubs
Weymouth Dorset Folk dance clubs
Apricot Pie Folk Dance Band Banbury, Oxon Bands and musicians
Esk Valley Folk dance clubs
Alan Glass Weston-super-Mare Callers
Havant Folk dance clubs