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Name Summary Category
Kevin Murphy Shropshire Callers
Hoveton Folk dance clubs
Isle of Wight Folk Festival Isle of Wight Festivals
Tumbling Tom Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Cate Bannister Callers
Ivan Aitken Berkshire Callers
Amber Fire Ceilidh Band Totnes, Devon Bands and musicians
Callington Folk dance clubs
Well Dressed Band Derbyshire Bands and musicians
Mary Panton South East to Midlands Callers
Baily's Beads Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Ryedale Folk Dance Club Malton, N Yorks, YO17 7HD Folk dance clubs
Hoedowners Wiltshire Bands and musicians
Tweed in Bourbon Bournemouth Bands and musicians
Cats Whiskers Midlands Bands and musicians
John Green Northamptonshire Callers
Kafoozalum West London Bands and musicians
Durham Folk dance clubs
Chris Mulvey Worcestershire Callers
Furness Tradition Cumbria Festivals