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Name Summary Category
Teeside Folk dance clubs
Weston Assembly Somerset Folk dance clubs
Banish Misfortune Hackney London Bands and musicians
Shake-a-Leg Lancashire Bands and musicians
Reading Folk dance clubs
Foxes Bark Merseyside Bands and musicians
Leominster Folk dance clubs
Jellied Reels Bristol Bands and musicians
Preston Irish Country Dance Community Preston Folk dance clubs
Exeter Folk Society (University) Exeter Folk dance clubs
Sue's Playford TA7 0QU Folk dance clubs
Lichfield Folk Dance Club Lichfield Folk dance clubs
Mike Whiting Shropshire Callers
Washday Miracles Norfolk Bands and musicians
Perranporth Dance Club Perranporth Folk dance clubs
Downfielders Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
David Roberts Hampshire Bands and musicians
Halsway Manor Holidays
Accrington Folk dance clubs
Big Bad Contra Nottinghamshire Bands and musicians