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Name Summary Category
Cambridgeshire Folk dance clubs
Ron Coxall Callers
Phil Starks Norfolk Callers
Colin Hume Hertfordshire Callers
Gallimaufry Lancashire Bands and musicians
Kevin Bargen Merseyside Callers
Bury Folk dance clubs
Jim Thomas Wolverhampton Callers
Stratford on Avon Folk dance clubs
Doncaster Folk dance clubs
Lindfield Folk dance clubs
Monksmarch Folk dance clubs
Pluck 'N' Squeeze Suffolk Bands and musicians
Judith Veevers Lancashire Callers
Acocks Green Folk Dance Group Birmingham Folk dance clubs
Beckenham Folk Dance Club Beckenham, Kent Folk dance clubs
Amaryllis West Midlands Bands and musicians
Chris Jewell Bideford, North Devon Callers
The Quiet Men Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties Bands and musicians
Roosters Ceilidh Yorkshire Bands and musicians