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Name Summary Category
Old School Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Pat Wilkinson Lancashire Callers
Malthouse Passage Midlands, Marches, Gloucestershire...will travel! Bands and musicians
The Coproliters Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Strawplaiters Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Roy Garrington Leicestershire & Countrywide Callers
Devizes Folk dance clubs
Hemlock Folk dance clubs
Norfolk Wherries Norfolk Bands and musicians
Vanda Musial Lancashire Callers
Llanellen Folk Dance Group Abergavenny Folk dance clubs
Barrie Bullimore Middlesex/Surrey Callers
Alan Davies Holidays
Wiltshire Folk Association Wiltshire Folk dance clubs
Friendly Folk of Solihull Solihull, West Midlands Folk dance clubs
Public Sector Midlands Bands and musicians
Fremington Folk dance clubs
Bideford Ceilidh Folk dance clubs
Marshfield Folk dance clubs
Forest Brown Ceilidh Band Bands and musicians