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Name Summary Category
The Whole Caboodle Band Midlands Bands and musicians
David Roberts Hampshire Bands and musicians
Ryhill Folk Dance Group Ryhill, Wakefield WF4 2AD Folk dance clubs
Fee Lock Anywhere that promises a good time Callers
Shapwick Folk dance clubs
Folkus Pocus Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Garstang Folk dance clubs
John McDonald West Midlands Callers
Stowmarket Folk dance clubs
Bristol Ball Folk dance clubs
Shirley Bunting Leicestershire Callers
Philippe Callens Belgium Callers
Barry Evans Anywhere Callers
Well Dressed Band Derbyshire Bands and musicians
Four Fools Festival Lancashire Festivals
Phil Starks Norfolk Callers
Chrissie Gladwin Lancashire Callers
Neroche TA3 6TY Folk dance clubs
Front Parlour Ceili Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Worsall Folk Dance Group Teesside Folk dance clubs