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Name Summary Category
Shoreham Folk Dance Club Shoreham by Sea Folk dance clubs
Cadellin South Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Glasgow Assembly Folk dance clubs
Keith Hawkins Oxfordshire Callers
Frances Oates Cornwall Callers
Iceni Folk Norfolk Bands and musicians
Apricot Pie Folk Dance Band Banbury, Oxon Bands and musicians
Preston Irish Country Dance Community Preston Folk dance clubs
Lanhydroc Folk dance clubs
Rubbery Folk dance clubs
Hemlock Folk dance clubs
North Devon Dance Weekend Folk dance clubs
Linda Westrupp Staffordshire Callers
Tarrantella Bands and musicians
HiJinx Ceilidh Band Shropshire, Mid Wales Bands and musicians
English Folk Dance and Song Society Folk dance clubs
Dan Longley Birmingham Callers
Cats Whiskers Midlands Bands and musicians
Reg Battle Callers
Nailsworth Folk dance clubs