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Name Summary Category
Joe Hodgson Herefordshire Callers
Abacus Entertainment Agency Scotland West Kilbride, North Ayrshire Bands and musicians
Stroud Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Bedfordshire Folk dance clubs
Pat Wilkinson Lancashire Callers
Hertfordshire Folk dance clubs
Jigfoot Southampton Bands and musicians
Bridport Folk Dance Club Bridport Folk dance clubs
Sheila Thackwray Herefordshire Callers
Nell Whiteway London and South East Callers
Jump the Vortex Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
East Grinstead Folk Dance Club East Grinstead Folk dance clubs
Kevin Murphy Shropshire Callers
Wroxham Norfolk Folk dance clubs
Leyland Folk Dance Club Leyland Folk dance clubs
Wallington (M) London Folk dance clubs
Tunstall Folk dance clubs
Long Odds and Short Straws Somerset Bands and musicians
Foxes Bark Merseyside Bands and musicians
Oakenleaves Ruislip Folk dance clubs