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Name Summary Category
High Jinks Cheshire Bands and musicians
First Sunday Club Endmoor Village Hall, Kendal Folk dance clubs
Chris Bland Lancashire and Cumbria Callers
The Coproliters Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Bernie Culkin Worcestershire Callers
Haslingfield Folk dance clubs
Blackpool North Shore FY2 0AY Folk dance clubs
Soyaband Lancashire Bands and musicians
Ryhill Folk Dance Group Ryhill, Wakefield WF4 2AD Folk dance clubs
Tadmarton Folk Dance Club Banbury, Oxon Folk dance clubs
Playford Group Birmingham Folk dance clubs
David Pattenden Midlands Callers
Kate Badrick Suffolk Callers
Hagbourne Barn Dance Club Folk dance clubs
Masquerade Kent Bands and musicians
M27 Megabop Folk dance clubs
Sean Goddard Sussex and South East Callers
Dave & Caroline Midlands Bands and musicians
Ian Whitehead Rugby Callers
Cambridge - The Round Cambridge Folk dance clubs