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Name Summary Category
Steamchicken Bands and musicians
Maplewood Cheshire, Manchester, Derbyshire Bands and musicians
Laleham Folk dance clubs
Milverton Folk Dance Group Hampton on the Hill, near Warwick Folk dance clubs
Unicorn Ceilidhs Hertfordshire Folk dance clubs
Midlands Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Unreel Ceilidh Band Ditchling, Sussex Bands and musicians
Keeping Thyme South Midlands Bands and musicians
Frome Folk dance clubs
Mary Bryan Essex Callers
Leicester Folk dance clubs
Cambridge - The Round Cambridge Folk dance clubs
Up Jumped the Devil Midlands Bands and musicians
Amber Fire Ceilidh Band Totnes, Devon Bands and musicians
Momentum Bands and musicians
City Clickers Step and Clog Dance Group Bristol Folk dance clubs
Letchworth Folk dance clubs
Amazing Catsfield Steamers Dance Band Sussex Bands and musicians
Rig-a-Jig Norfolk Bands and musicians
North London Folk Folk dance clubs