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Name Summary Category
Hoghton Country Dance Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Doncaster Folk dance clubs
Greens Norton Folk dance clubs
Winchester Mayfest Hampshire Festivals
Poynton Ceilidh Folk dance clubs
Wat Dance Dunsden Green, Dunsden, Reading, RG4 9QG Folk dance clubs
Frinton Folk dance clubs
Tinkers Ditch Oxon, Bucks, Berks Bands and musicians
Glorishears West Midlands Bands and musicians
Isle of Wight Folk Festival Isle of Wight Festivals
Bill Kinsman Birmingham Callers
The Brookfield Band Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Whitby Folk Festival Yorkshire Festivals
Crawley Folk dance clubs
Salisbury Folk dance clubs
Mary Bryan Essex Callers
Gittisham Folk Dance Club Honiton Folk dance clubs
NorthSquare Historical Dance Dorchester, North Dorset Folk dance clubs
Edinburgh Assembly Folk dance clubs
Roy Garrington Leicestershire & Countrywide Callers