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Name Summary Category
Peak Folk Cheshire, Derbyshire, Manchester, Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Ethel's Cats Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and East Anglia Bands and musicians
Mollie Koenigsberger London Bands and musicians
Godalming Folk dance clubs
Friday Folk, St Albans St Albans Folk dance clubs
Geoff Cubitt Loughborough Callers
Rotherham Folk dance clubs
Mike Veal Norfolk Callers
Trowbridge Wiltshire Festivals
Mike Whiting Shropshire Callers
Ely Playford Dance Club Little Downham, Ely Folk dance clubs
Beverley Folk Festival Yorkshire Festivals
Ian Smith Coventry / Leicester Callers
David Bradley Midlands Bands and musicians
Caught on the Hop Lancashire Bands and musicians
Pigeon English Ceilidh Lincoln Folk dance clubs
Neil Franklin West Midlands Callers
Barley Leaf Folk Dance Club Romford Folk dance clubs
Hilary Herbert Lancashire Callers
Ormskirk Folk Dance Club Ormskirk Folk dance clubs