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Name Summary Category
Mike Ruff St Albans, Herts Callers
Rubery Barn Dance Club Rubery, Birmingham Folk dance clubs
Jigadoon Hampshire Bands and musicians
Dan Longley Birmingham Callers
Mularky Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Fit as a Fiddle ME14 1PL Folk dance clubs
Chepstow Folk Dance Club Chepstow, Monmouthshire Folk dance clubs
Camden English Folk Dance Club Primrose Hill, London Folk dance clubs
Roughshod North east England Bands and musicians
Jim Thomas Wolverhampton Callers
Salcombe Regis Folk dance clubs
Psalter Lane Sheffield Folk dance clubs
Beccles Folk dance clubs
Shoreham Folk Dance Club Shoreham by Sea Folk dance clubs
Finnigan's Wok Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Bev Langton Shropshire Callers
Sheringham Folk Dance Club Sheringham, Norfolk Folk dance clubs
Flash Co Devon Bands and musicians
Matlock Folk dance clubs
Beer for Breakfast Lancashire, Cheshire Bands and musicians