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Name Summary Category
Knaresborough Folk dance clubs
Reading Folk dance clubs
Haywards Heath Folk dance clubs
Over Stratton Somerset, TA13 5LN Folk dance clubs
Broadstairs Barndance Club St Peters Memorial Hall, Broadstairs, CT10 2TH Folk dance clubs
Stockport Contra Folk dance clubs
Union Street Band Lancashire and Northwest England Bands and musicians
Vanda Musial Lancashire Callers
St Eval Folk dance clubs
David Pattenden Midlands Callers
Finnigan's Wok Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Four Oaks Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Halsway Folk Dance Group Crowcombe, Taunton Folk dance clubs
Famous Potatoes Essex Bands and musicians
Patchwork Midlands Bands and musicians
Caractacus Bands and musicians
The Barn Dance Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Callington Folk dance clubs
Woodbridge Suffolk Folk dance clubs
Juice Cardiff Bands and musicians