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Name Summary Category
The Jigalots Surrey Bands and musicians
Teignmouth Folk Festival Devon Festivals
Cam-Irish Set Dance Group Cambridge Folk dance clubs
Gunpowder Green Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Belzebub All Midlands/Anywhere Bands and musicians
Flowers' Original Warwickshire Bands and musicians
Hurst Green Folk dance clubs
Victoria Yeomans Midlands Callers
The Coproliters Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Shake-a-Leg Lancashire Bands and musicians
ConTradition Folk dance clubs
Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire Folk dance clubs
Ian Jones Cumbria Callers
Sidford Folk Dance Club Sidford, Devon Folk dance clubs
Folk Around Bristol Folk dance clubs
Loughborough Folk Festival Leicestershire Festivals
The Woodpecker Band Bands and musicians
Stowmarket Folk dance clubs
Camping and caravanning (North West) North West England Holidays
Widdershins Gloucestershire Bands and musicians