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Name Summary Category
Chippenham Folk dance clubs
Al Green Yorkshire Callers
Tumbling Tom Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Wantage Folk Dance Club Abingdon Folk dance clubs
Also Known As Wilts, Berks, Oxforshire, North Somerset, Berks and Hants Bands and musicians
Ormskirk Folk Dance Club Ormskirk Folk dance clubs
Mrs Bennet's Ballroom Fulham and Surbiton Folk dance clubs
Cam-Irish Set Dance Group Cambridge Folk dance clubs
Red Herrings Norfolk Bands and musicians
Bonrif Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Chris Jewell Bideford, North Devon Bands and musicians
Dave Parsons Glamorgan Callers
George Middleton Norfolk Callers
Mike Courthold Berkshire Callers
Weston Assembly Somerset Folk dance clubs
Shepherdswell Folk dance clubs
Martyn Harvey North West Callers
Alan Barber Merseyside Callers
Bowerham Folk dance clubs
Carol Hewson Home Counties Callers