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Name Summary Category
Reel Dance Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Mr Beveridge Manchester Bands and musicians
Folk Around Bristol Folk dance clubs
The Ceili band Bands and musicians
Alison Cook Callers
University of East Anglia FDG Norfolk Folk dance clubs
Apricot Pie Folk Dance Band Banbury, Oxon Bands and musicians
Free Reed Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Stoney Stanton Folk dance clubs
The Whole Caboodle Band Midlands Bands and musicians
Bridport Historical Dance Bridport, North Dorset Folk dance clubs
Cam-Irish Set Dance Group Cambridge Folk dance clubs
David Bradley Midlands Bands and musicians
Exeter (Tuesday) Folk dance clubs
Maca the Caller - John Mc Donaldd East and West Midlands mainly Callers
Cambridge Contras Folk dance clubs
Ian Ludbrook Somerset and Southwest Callers
Bedford Early Dance and Music Folk dance clubs
Oxfolk Folk dance clubs
The Reel Thing Somerset/Dorset Bands and musicians