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Name Summary Category
Leicester Folk dance clubs
Chris Jewell Bideford, North Devon Callers
Pigeon English Ceilidh Lincoln Folk dance clubs
Leeds Contra Folk dance clubs
Mowbray Northallerton Folk dance clubs
Shirley Bunting Leicestershire Callers
Kate Badrick Suffolk Callers
Reading Folk dance clubs
Albireo Cheshire/Greater Manchester Bands and musicians
Lichfield Folk Festival Staffordshire Festivals
Chris Rose Faversham, Kent Callers
Richard Hannah Worcestershire Callers
Deborah Kermode Lancashire Callers
Long Odds and Short Straws Somerset Bands and musicians
Chester Folk Survivors Folk dance clubs
Ludlow (Closed) Folk dance clubs
Al Green Yorkshire Callers
Danson Folk Dance Club Bexley Folk dance clubs
Morris Travellers Ceilidh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Swing your Partners Sherborne Folk dance clubs