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Name Summary Category
Lakes and Furness Folk Lakes and Furness Folk dance clubs
Robbie Thomas Bands and musicians
Purleigh Folk dance clubs
Kidlington Folk dance clubs
Callington Folk dance clubs
Roger Newton Lancashire Callers
Burbage Folk Dance Club Sketchley Hill School Burbage Leics Folk dance clubs
Chris Gill Norfolk Callers
Bridport Historical Dance Bridport, North Dorset Folk dance clubs
Tees Valley Ceilidhs Yarm on Tees Folk dance clubs
All The Right Notes Leeds, West Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Clacton Folk dance clubs
Gary Nunn Wiltshire Callers
Amaryllis West Midlands Bands and musicians
Leamington Spa FDC Folk dance clubs
Valley Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Walsall Folk Dance Club Walsall Folk dance clubs
Stick The Fiddle Devon Bands and musicians
Haycorn Greater Manchester Bands and musicians
The Jigalots Surrey Bands and musicians