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Name Summary Category
Thomas Bending London Callers
Pass the Buck Band Hampshire/Dorset Bands and musicians
Fit For Purpose Lancashire Bands and musicians
Rayleigh Folk dance clubs
Cats Claw Ceilidh Band South, Mid and West Wales, Avon, Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester, Devon Bands and musicians
Northampton Ceilidhs Northampton Folk dance clubs
Eileen Nightingale South West Callers
Ad Hoc Midlands Bands and musicians
North London Folk Folk dance clubs
Rufus Return Surrey/Hampshire Bands and musicians
Accrington Folk dance clubs
Hoghton Country Dance Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Lonely Mr Punch East Midlands Bands and musicians
Tadmarton Folk Dance Club Banbury, Oxon Folk dance clubs
Lymington Folk dance clubs
Rugby Folk Dance Club Folk dance clubs
Brancaster Staithe Dancers Folk dance clubs
Dancing Folk Folk dance clubs
Chris Ransom East Kent Callers
Hilltop Coventry Bands and musicians