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Name Summary Category
Barley Hop Ceilidh Club Cockermouth, Cumbria Folk dance clubs
Oxfolk Folk dance clubs
Heathfield Folk dance clubs
Amber Fire Ceilidh Band Totnes, Devon Bands and musicians
Norfolk Assembly Folk dance clubs
Sussex Pistols Sussex Bands and musicians
Mendip Folk Dance Club Folk dance clubs
Bedfordshire Folk dance clubs
Arnold Steeds Birmingham Callers
Victoria Yeomans Midlands Callers
Carol Hewson Home Counties Callers
Manchester Folk Dance Club Whitefield, Manchester Folk dance clubs
Halsway Folk Dance Group Crowcombe, Taunton Folk dance clubs
Shinanikins Norfolk Bands and musicians
Paul Garner Cambridgeshire Callers
The Emily Roe Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Eden Valley Ceilidh Band Cumbria & surrounding areas Bands and musicians
Cwm Dancing Bands and musicians
The Time Bandits Cheshire Bands and musicians
Jasper Ceilidh Band Essex, Suffolk Bands and musicians