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Name Summary Category
Phil Starks Norfolk Callers
Halsway Folk Dance Group Crowcombe, Taunton Folk dance clubs
Chris Rose Faversham, Kent Callers
Chris Jewell Bideford, North Devon Callers
Mike Ruff St Albans, Herts Bands and musicians
Oaken Leaves FDC, Ruislip Ruislip Folk dance clubs
Bill Kinsman Birmingham Callers
Unicorn Ceilidhs Hertfordshire Folk dance clubs
Neston FDC Merseyside Folk dance clubs
Fiona Birchall Hampshire Callers
Mic Spenceley South Wales Callers
Hugh Rippon Coventry Callers
Wantage Folk Dance Club Abingdon Folk dance clubs
Shoreham Folk Dance Club Shoreham by Sea Folk dance clubs
Mixolydians Midlands Bands and musicians
Harbour Lights Band Suffolk Bands and musicians
Andrew Swaine Sheffield Callers
Sue Hastings South East London Callers
Nigel Walker Bands and musicians
Mr Gubbins' Bicycle Bands and musicians