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Name Summary Category
Moves Afoot Sussex Bands and musicians
Bob Barrett Herts and London area Callers
Tinkers Ditch Oxon, Bucks, Berks Bands and musicians
Moon Dance Bedfordshire Bands and musicians
Stockton Folk Dance Club Stockton on Tees Folk dance clubs
Cambridgeshire Folk dance clubs
Strettondale Folk dance clubs
Bideford Ceilidh Folk dance clubs
Durham Folk dance clubs
Great Yarmouth Folk dance clubs
Cats Whiskers Midlands Bands and musicians
Brian Patrick Hertfordshire Callers
The Barnstormers Lancashire Bands and musicians
Basingstoke Folk dance clubs
English Miscellany Folk dance clubs
David Roberts Hampshire Bands and musicians
Amycrofters Devon Bands and musicians
Jorvik Folk Dance Club York Folk dance clubs
Bridport Historical Dance Bridport, North Dorset Folk dance clubs
Light-hearted Dance Weekends Various locations in England Holidays