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Name Summary Category
All Blacked Up Shropshire Bands and musicians
Guildford Folk Dancers Guildford Folk dance clubs
Fire in the Mountains West London Bands and musicians
Pat Wilkinson Lancashire Callers
Staplers Hitchin Folk dance clubs
Stratford on Avon Folk dance clubs
Patti Quant East Anglia Callers
Mr Gubbins' Bicycle Bands and musicians
Old School Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Mosborough Sheffield Folk dance clubs
White Horse Ceilidhs Oxfordshire Folk dance clubs
West Midlands Folk dance clubs
The Family Band Chester Bands and musicians
Keymer Folk Dance Club Hassocks, West Sussex Folk dance clubs
Quadrille Ceilidh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Quadrille Club London, Cecil Sharp House Folk dance clubs
A Sortuva Kaylee Band Midlands Bands and musicians
Cwm Dancing Bands and musicians
Ainsdale Folk dance clubs
Winton Hampshire Folk dance clubs