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Name Summary Category
Hilltop Coventry Bands and musicians
Bedfordshire Folk dance clubs
Kate Eaton Needham Market, Suffolk Callers
Maggots and More Folk dance clubs
Keith Hawkins Oxfordshire Callers
The Maerlocks Lancashire Bands and musicians
Knees Up Cecil Sharp NW1 7AY Folk dance clubs
Chingford Folk Dance Club Chingford, Essex Folk dance clubs
Greens Norton Folk dance clubs
Cornwall Folk dance clubs
Cuckoo's Nest Midlands and North West Bands and musicians
Cadellin South Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Castle Cary Historical Dance Castle Cary, East Somerset Folk dance clubs
Meltdown Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Stick The Fiddle Devon Bands and musicians
Jigfoot Southampton Bands and musicians
Bridgwater Folk dance clubs
Light-hearted Dance Weekends Various locations in England Holidays
Sue Hastings South East London Callers
Ealing Folk dance clubs