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Name Summary Category
Whirling Skirmish South East and London Bands and musicians
Spire Folk Dance Club Chesterfield Folk dance clubs
The Casterbridge Band Dorchester, Dorset Bands and musicians
Coulsdon Folk dance clubs
Jigabit East Midlands Bands and musicians
Hands Three Bands and musicians
Rufty Tufty Midlands Bands and musicians
Lymington Folk dance clubs
Quadrille Club London, Cecil Sharp House Folk dance clubs
Rogues Gallery Surrey/ Hampshire/ Berkshire Bands and musicians
Grantham Folk Dancing Group Grantham, Lincolnshire Folk dance clubs
Keith Richards Holidays
Furness Vale Country Dance Club Derbyshire Folk dance clubs
Preston Irish Country Dance Community Preston Folk dance clubs
Selpar Folk dance clubs
Keymer Folk Dance Club Hassocks, West Sussex Folk dance clubs
Portland Drive Nuneaton Bands and musicians
NorthSquare Historical Dance Dorchester, North Dorset Folk dance clubs
Harston and Haslingfield Folk Dance Club Harston and Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire Folk dance clubs
High Jinks Cheshire Bands and musicians