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Name Summary Category
Benfieldside Witton Gilbert Folk dance clubs
Third Friday Oxford Folk dance clubs
Mike Courthold Berkshire Callers
Barry Goodman Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire Callers
Lets Sort it out Folk dance clubs
Molesey Folk dance clubs
Meltdown Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Pete & Marj Hendy Stroud, Glos Callers
Roger Newton Lancashire Callers
Playford Group Birmingham Folk dance clubs
The Historical Dance Society National Folk dance clubs
Chris Jewell Bideford, North Devon Bands and musicians
Squiffers Musical Box Lancashire Bands and musicians
Steamchicken Bands and musicians
Liz Patrick Hertfordshire Callers
All hands around Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Arnold Steeds Birmingham Callers
Tumbling Tom Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Fleet Folk Dance Club Fleet Folk dance clubs
Rejigged Ceilidh Band East Kent Bands and musicians